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Hawker Area School Library

Hawker has a School Community Library that is situated at the side entrance to Hawker Area School. The library is jointly used by students and community members. During school term time, the library is open 5 days a week and during school holidays operates 4 days a week with shortened hours.

The library is well stocked with plenty of adult fiction, children's fiction and non fiction books. It also has a large selection of DVDs to choose from with new titles arriving regularly. The library also has state wide access to additional material through the Public Libraries Network.

The library has a number of computers where the public can access the internet and other programs free of charge and also has wireless internet access where people can bring in their laptops and access the internet through this service.

The library is well utilized by current students and hosts Hawker Area School’s National Simultaneous Reading Day as well as Book Week Celebrations.

During Book Week, students in the junior primary class complete displays and work relating to the theme of Book Week. During the week students are given time to go to the library to look at Books available for sale and in the middle of book week, all students come together as a large group to participate in a range of activities, again relating to the book week theme.

Hawker School Community Library has joined the new One Card Network, as part of the Public Library Network. This enables all members to order books and DVD's from libraries across the state and have them delivered to Hawker for collecting. Members can also access  e-books to borrow.


Term Times Holiday Times
Monday 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday CLOSED
Tuesday 10.30am to 5.00pm Tuesday 12.00pm to 5.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am to 4.30pm Wednesday 8.30am to 4.30pm
Thursday 10.30 to 5.00pm Thursday 10.30am to 5.00pm
Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm
Library is closed on weekends and public holidays
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