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Active After SchoolActive After School

Hawker Area School became a participant in the Active After
School Program in 2009.

The aims of the program are:

Hakwer Area School•    To increase physical activity levels of Australian primary
      school-aged children through a nationally coordinated program.
•    To provide increased opportunities for participation in quality,
      safe, inclusive and structured physical activities
•    To help communities develop the capacity to provide structured
      physical activity programs for children and to stimulate local
      community involvement in structured physical activity.Hawker Area School

Active After School focuses on games rather than techniques
and technique drills to allow students of varying abilities to
participate and have fun in the sessions.

Hawker Area School's Active After School Program runs 7 times
per term on Monday afternoons from 3:20- 4:20.
The bus route runs later on afternoons when the program operates
to allow students that live out of the town the opportunity to participate.
As the program is designed for Receptions to Year 7 students, older
students who wish to participate in the program do so as additional