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The school has a number of art facilities to cater for all students. There is a wet area available for use in the Stone Room as well as the Junior Primary Classroom and the Technology Centre also houses the Primary and Secondary art facilities.

The Arts Learning Area, cover five different art forms: dance, drama, media, music and visual arts. From Reception to Year 12 Hawker Area School allows students to experience each of these art forms to learn and develop ways to express themselves as well as learning the concepts, conventions, skills and techniques of each art form. Visiting artists and performers provide a variety of experiences and inspiration for students own creative expression.

Hawker Area School is now able to offer Visual Art face to face to Year 12, with the support of a specialist art teacher. Senior students have the opportunity to obtain in depth knowledge about one or more of their chosen art techniques.

 Senior School students also have the opportunity to travel to Adelaide to participate in art schools and work with highly regarded artists.

This photo was taken and edited by student as part of photography lessons.

two girls wearing sunglasses