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The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Hawker Area SchoolThis program is to engage and encourage school students in
growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food that is delicious, nutritious and grown by the students themselves.

Students in the Year R-9 classes undertake work in the Hawker Area School
garden area as well as work in the home-style kitchen classroom.

In the garden area students have been built and maintained the garden according to organic gardening principles and have grown, as well as harvested, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. In the kitchen area students prepare a meal using produce that they have grown in the garden.

The kitchen garden has proven a great success with students and staff coming together for a whole school community lunch every term. Students are involved in cooking the meal, setting the table, creating a centrepiece for each table, and serving their peers and staff members.

Hawker Area School would like to thank the community members who volunteered to help out during the initial stages of the Kitchen Garden in numerous working bees.

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