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Literacy and Numeracy Block

Literacy and Numeracy BlockLiteracy Block was first introduced to Hawker Area School in 2006 and in 2012 was extended to include all students in the school from R-10 five mornings a week. The Literacy Block is designed to be free from outside distractions so that the children can concentrate on the explicit concepts being taught.

The school uses extensive testing and analysis to ensure that the literacy program is meeting the needs of students. The school currently uses a variety of literacy teaching methodologies including Jolly Phonics and Accelerated Literacy to provide a balance approach to literacy. In addition to this the school uses a 3 Wave strategy to determine which students will receive additional support. Multi-Lit is used to support those students who require more intensive support.

In Term 1 2007 a Numeracy Block was also introduced. Teachers use a lot of hands on materials as well as interactive whiteboards and computers to supplement and consolidate the skills and concepts taught.

The school has been part of the QuickSmart Numeracy Project since Term 2 2010. This intervention sees students achieve automaticity in Number through a tailored intervention program. Students involved in this program have show significant improvement in their overall Maths results.Maths