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Physical Education & Health

Students participate in a 15 minute fitness session straight after morning homegroup. This enables students to get active and energised for the literacy and numeracy blocks. Fitness sessions may be a quick
game, a brisk walk around the walking trail located across the road from the school
or a ball game.

In Physical Education lessons students are separated into two class groups. Reception to Year 4 and Year 5 upwards. In these lessons students learn about fundamental movement skills (running, skipping, throwing, dodging); dance, explore movement and swimming and water safety through practicing different techniques and skills, learning about different sports, and the associated rules, and playing games.

The Reception to Year 2 class also participate in Active Play as part of their Physical Education lessons.

On a regular basis outside organisations, such as AusKick, Tri Skills and Milo Cricket come to Hawker Area School and run workshops and clinics to students supplementing their physical activity and education.

Students participate in health lessons in their class groups due to issues and topics raised in health lessons. In health lessons, students learn about personal and social development as well as the health of individuals and communities.