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Secondary Class

Students in Years 10-12 are offered a number of subjects face to face at Hawker Area School.

This year the subjects offered face to face include:

 Students study other subject areas through the Open Access College. All lessons are presented over the phone, where other students from around the state can also join in. Open Access subject include Community Studies; Photography; Media Studies and Research Projects.

Students enrolled in Senior Secondary classes are provided with a laptop to use for their studies and help them prepare their assignments.
Senior School students have a dedicated room which is separated from other classes that allows them to work independently without disruptions. This room has a fridge, storage space, internet connections and phone lines which enable students to receive their lessons via phone link up.

A supervising teacher provides pastoral care, organises the timetable and ensures that students receive the necessary support for their studies. Students are expected to attend for all lessons timetabled. If students need assistance they can see the teacher at any time.
Students are responsible for ensuring assignments are submitted and while the school supplies envelopes for students to send in their assignments, the students are expected to address them and hand them in to Front Office Staff to be forwarded by courier.