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The technology room at Hawker Area School is well equipped with plenty of work spaces, for students from Years 4 to 11 to design and create projects using metal or timber.

Before the students reach the creating stage, they must research, look at and critique a range of designs before commencing work on individual projects.

Once a project has been properly designed students are able to use many kinds of tools that are also available within the general community to make their project.

Students work on their project to completion with guidance from the Technology Instructor and supporting staff.

In previous years students have combined the skills they have been taught in technical studies and produced tables and seats for popular tourist sites within the community.

Reception to Year 3, students participate in Design and Technology lessons where they develop skills and knowledge to design, make and then evaluate their own projects using common materials.

Students from Year 4 to 12 are able to take advantage of the new Technology Facility opened midway through 2013.

Year 4 to 9 students work on two projects each year. The are required to provide a design brief for each project that included reasons for choosing to make that project, plans for it, a materials list and a construction schedule. As they make the project they are encouraged to use the wide selection of tools available to increase their skills. After completing the project they write a critique assessing various aspects of the process. The critique is a way of focusing on how individuals can improve their work.

Students from Year 10 on are able to take advantage of our partnership with the Pichi Richi Trade Training Centre to undertake Certificates 1 and 2 in Construction. Part of these includes work experience, in weekly blocks, at the Pichi Richi Railway Workshops. After students reach 16 years old they are able to undertake a Certificate 2 in Rural Operations with the PRTTC. This Certificate includes operating machinery like front-end loaders. All of these courses contribute towards their SACE scores.

Our close association with Quorn Area School means students who wish to study Technology in Year 12 are able to join in with their program under the supervision of a skilled Technology Teacher.

Periodically, the Technology Centre is also open to the community to work on individual projects, for a small fee, to cover the cost of tools and materials.