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Throughout the year, SAPSASA holds various State Carnivals and State Championships for a number of sports. They can be district-based teams or school based teams depending on the sport. Students are nominated by the school and attend district training and sections. 


Local Excursions- The school's Outdoor Education Policy and plan encourages all students to take part in a series of experiences that build on one another. Throughout the year several types of excursions are undertaken as an integral part of the curriculum. Parents are given details of an excursion in advance and are asked to sign a consent form on each occasion. Annually parents are asked to give a general consent for their children to participate in local excursions - those excursions which will take place within a 1km radius of the town. Any excursion outside this radius requires a consent form.

Guidelines for Camps and Excursions for Year Levels/Class Groups - All Camps and Excursions are dependent on class structures and available qualified staff.

Foundation to Year 2 (Junior Primary) - Day trips and short excursions, Sleep-ins and overnight stays - at school and local venues, Whole School Camps - at the discretion of parents, caregivers and staff.

Year 3-7 (Primary) -Day trips and short excursions, Local camping overnight, Residential camping in different locations (2 - 4 days), Whole School Camps.

Year 8-12 (Middle & Senior Secondary) - Day trips and short excursions, Residential based camp-site in different locations (2 - 5 days), Range of curriculum, sporting, leisure and career experiences and opportunities, Whole School Camps.

Notifications - Notification of intention to hold a class camp, of the timing, venue and approximate costs is to be given to parents as early as possible in the school year.  

The right of parents and caregivers to withdraw their child from excursions and camps is accepted. Students not attending class excursions and camps can be placed in another class for the duration or negotiated work provided for completion at home. These options will be discussed and negotiated between class teacher, student and their family.

The attendance of parents on camps as helpers/supervisors is encouraged. An appropriate ratio of supervisors should be:

Foundation to Year 2             = one adult : per five students

Year 3 to 7                           = one adult : per seven students

Year 8 to 12                         = one adult : per seven students

These numbers should be seen as a minimum. For water based activities this ratio may be altered. Where possible, a gender balance of teachers & adult supervisors will be provided.

All camps will be arranged in accordance with the Department for Education requirements and must be approved by the Principal.

If a student needs to be taken to a Doctor or hospital whilst on camp, the child's parents will be contacted as soon as possible. The schools' mobile phones will be taken on all camps and excursions.

Parents, caregivers and volunteers who wish to participate in our school camps must have a valid Police Clearance.  

SACE -  South Australian Certificate of Education 

SACE helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed – whether they are headed for further education, training, an apprenticeship, or straight into the workforce. Hawker Area School offers a range of Stage 1 and Stage 2 SACE subjects. Vocational Education (VET) certificates also contribute to SACE points.

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