Governing Council

The foundation of Hawker Area Schools governance is that of the local community - parents, teachers, the principal and members of the local community best equipped to determine the needs of their children and therefore the policies and strategic direction of the school. Jointly the council monitors and reports progress to continually enhance the performance of the school and the achievements of its students.

The Hawker Area School includes a number of committees which are all sub-committees of the Governing Council. They derive their roles from the Governing Council and make recommendations to it.

The role of the Governing Council is:

  • To exercise a general oversight over the wellbeing of the school.
  • To advise the principal as necessary on the correlation between the work of the school and the educational needs of the district.
  • To note the accommodation, grounds and equipment provided at the school and to advise the Chief Executive Officer through the Principal of any alterations, additions and replacements considered necessary.
  • By arrangement with the Principal, decide on the distribution of any grant made to the Governing Council by the Minister.
  • To consider in broad outline the general policy within the school, of which the Principal shall keep the Governing Council continuously informed, and advise him or her of the considered view of the local community regarding educational developments with the school.
  • To keep proper books of account and to ensure their audit at least once per year.

Currently Governing Council comprises of at least 10 councillors including:

  • 1 Principal
  • 6 elected parent representatives
  • 2 community members co-opted by Governing Council
  • 1 representative nominated by the Flinders Ranges Council
  • 1 Staff representative

Meetings are held at night on a Monday, twice a term and the dates are available via the calendar on our website. An annual general meeting is held in February each year to report on the previous school year’s activities and finances and to elect Councillors for the current year.

Governing Council Member


Daren O'Neill Principal
Esther Eager  Staff Rep
Minutes are tabled Parent Club Reps
Ronald Daniel Community Members
Ben DuBois  Chairperson 
Anna Oakey, Simon Hilder, Chris McAuley, Terry Morgan, Brendon Bevan  Parent Reps
Allen McInnis Deputy Chairperson
Dave Wallis  Secretary / Parent  
Julieanne Ashenden Business Manager
Greg Flint Flinders Ranges Council Rep

Further information –

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