Reports and Interviews

The following reporting processes occur at Hawker Area School:

Term 1 – F-12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews and Goal Setting. Secondary Written reports.

Term 2 - Primary Written reports and Secondary reports with grades sent home and Semester 1 reports from Open Access.

Term 3 - F-12 Interviews and Secondary Written Reports.

Term 4 – Primary Written and Secondary reports with grades sent home and Semester 2 reports from Open Access College, TAFE.

Front Office staff will copy student reports prior to distribution for the student's personal file. Student Reports are distributed on the last day of each term.  

If students are absent when student reports are ready for distribution, they can be collected from the Front Office. If the student will not be returning to Hawker Area School in the future, the report will be posted to the current known address.

Reporting to parents may occur at times other than those programmed. Interview requests made by teachers can be in writing (i.e. Diary notice or letterhead from the Front Office), by telephone or face-to- face.

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