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Starting School 

Starting school is an exciting time of change for children and families. There are many things you can do to prepare for the changes. Helping children to feel confident and positive about school will give them a good start.

A time of change

When children start school, they have a lot to get used to. They will be in a new setting, with more children and new rules and routines. Some children will manage this easily while others may need more help from parents and teachers.

When will my child start school?

Children in South Australia must be enrolled in primary school by their sixth birthday. Most children will attend preschool or childcare in the year before starting school. South Australian government schools have one intake of children at the start of each year. Children turning five before May 1 will start at the beginning of term one in that year and children turning five on or after May 1 will start at the beginning of the following year. Check intake arrangements with your child’s school.

Transition to school

The school operates a transition policy for children starting school for the first time. This policy is aimed at making the transition to school as easy as possible. The transition programme runs in conjunction with the Hawker Childhood Services Centre. Please contact the preschool early in the term prior to when your child is to start school so that the programme can be made known to you.

The programs which may include:

  • visits to the school over several weeks
  • walks around the school to see where things are, e.g. playgrounds, toilets
  • spending time in a classroom with teachers and other children.
  • There may be time for parents to meet staff members and ask questions too.

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Great Start - Learning with your child

Department for Education - Phone 8226 1000, free call 1800 088 158

SA Education

HAS Parent Handbook


'A school dress code must observe health, safety and decency standards and be practical in its application to a wide range of physical activities and weather conditions.' - Department of Education Administrative Guidelines.

Students are to wear clothing that conforms to the school dress code. The school colours are Gold and Navy Blue. We believe that uniforms worn to school should be appropriate, comfortable, reasonably priced and durable. This policy is supported by the Governing Council and the Parents and Friends Committee. School uniform was made compulsory in 2014.  Students are to wear their uniform as it is compulsory.  If your child does not wear the uniform a note is required. It is school policy for all students to be in a school shirt and neat pants / shorts. Please help by ensuring that this occurs. Our school will be contacting parents and caregivers if the student is not in uniform and does not have a note and will then need a shirt brought to the school for the student to wear. It is also advisable to wear appropriate footwear for PE, Tech Studies, Science and Home Ec.

T shirts, Windcheaters, Polo shirts and hats with the school logo are available from the school.

Governing Council currently subsidies the school uniform by 50% for staff and students.


Students are to wear a full brim or bucket hats all year, when involved in lessons or recess and lunchtime activities outside. All students must comply with the SunSmart Policy

Sports Uniform

When students are representing the school the sports uniform is black or blue shorts or skirt with a navy T-shirt. This applies to students from Years F-12

Sleeveless t-shirts and tops are not allowed due to their lack of sun protection


The activities and things we do at school require good strong footwear to make sure that the children's feet are protected. Black or brown school, track shoes and sandals are required. No open footwear is to be worn in the Technical Studies, Home Ec. and Science


This is discouraged and should at most be restricted to a plain necklace. Ear-rings are not part of the school dress code and therefore are discouraged. Students may use sleepers and studs for pierced ears

Make up

Is discouraged

Please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled clearly and accurately.

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HAS Uniform Policy

Recess and Lunch Ordering


A small scale Tuck Shop operates at recess time and orders are done in their classroom during morning Class Home Group time. Orders are collected by the student from the staffroom door.


Those children who go home for lunch must have permission, signed by their parent. Regular permissions are advised at the beginning of the year. Written permission can be done in the student's diary if the student does not usually go home for lunch.  Permission to go home for lunch does not give permission for the student to go down to the shops or the home of any other student. All students must sign in and out via the Front Office.

Students are able to order their lunches Monday to Friday from a menu provided by the Hawker Hotel Motel. This menu is specific to the school as it has been planned to comply with the DfEs Right Bite Policy guidelines.

All recess orders and lunches are ordered through the home group each morning and brought to the Front Office with the roll book before 9am. School staff collect lunches for distribution at lunch time. The student collects their lunch from just inside the staff room door at lunchtime.

Tuck Shop and lunch price lists are included in the Newsletter from time to time and is available via our website. (see below)

Lunches are also available at school on special days; these could be the Community Lunch or activities organized by the students or Parents & Friends as a fund raising event.

Occasionally children may forget their lunch. If this happens parents/caregivers will be contacted. For further information regarding the Department's Right Bite Policy please

click on the link below -  

Right Bite DfE Policy

HAS Menu's


School Connect and Lunch Order Menu 2023

For further information click on the right bite image -


Report Times

Assessment for learning is an integral part of our teaching program. We plan for assessment when we develop our teaching and learning activities. The major purpose of assessment is to improve student learning through the information and experiences that students, teachers and parents gain from the variety of assessment strategies used.

Regular feedback is given to students both formally and informally, and reporting to parents on student achievement and progress occurs in the following ways:

Term 1      

F-12 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews and Goal Setting. Secondary Written reports.

Term 2       

Primary Written reports and Secondary reports with grades sent home and Semester 1 reports from Open Access

Term 3

F-12 Interviews and Secondary Written Reports

Term 4

Primary Written and Secondary reports with grades sent home and Semester 2 reports from Open Access College, TAFE. 

Front Office staff will copy student reports prior to distribution for the student's personal file. Student Reports are distributed on the last day of Terms 2, 3 and 4 each year. If students are absent when student reports are ready for distribution, they can be collected from the Front Office. If the student will not be returning to Hawker Area School in the future, the report will be posted to the current known address.

Reporting to parents may occur at times other than those programmed. Interview requests made by teachers can be in writing (i.e. Diary notice or letterhead from the Front Office), by telephone or face-to- face.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Families will have the opportunity to attend Parent Interviews and discuss with teachers learning goals for their children. The school sees this as an integral part of the home-school partnership. If you know what the short – and long-term goals are for your child, it is easier for you to support them to focus on their learning.

Emergency Contacts

At times it is important for the school to contact parents/ caregivers or other nominated emergency contacts. Please download and complete the emergency contact form and return it to school or email as soon as possible if any changes occur. It is also important to let us know of any changes to this information as it occurs, especially changes to Telephone numbers e.g. mobiles.

HAS Parent Emergency Contact Form

Lesson / Bell Times

Yard Duty Supervision

8:30 – 8:50am

Breakfast Club (Mondays & Fridays Only)

8:30 – 8:50am

Start of School Day & Home Group

8:50 – 8:55am

Lesson 1

8:55 – 9:45am

Lesson 2

9:45 – 10:35am


10:35 – 10:55am

Lesson 3

10:55 – 11:45am

Lesson 4

11:45 – 12:35pm


12:35 – 1:15pm

(12:25 – 12:35pm eating, 12:35 – 1:15pm activities)

Whole School Reading

1:15 – 1:25pm

Lesson 5

1:25 – 2:15pm

Lesson 6

2:15 – 3:05pm

Home Group

3:05 – 3:10pm

End of School Day


Yard Duty Supervision

3:10 – 3:20pm

Bus Departure


Social Media


We encourage parents to join our closed group on Facebook to keep up to date with new information, photos of special events and classroom activities.  Search Hawker Area School on Facebook to find us.


The school also invites parents to install the SchoolZine App. To get the Schoolzine App go to iTunes Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android), search for SZapp and download the app to your phone. Make sure you allow push notifications to get the most of the app.

CLICK to view - SCHOOLZINE APP Download Instructions


Our Library is a School Community Library and is open to the community during and after school hours.  The library contains a wide selection of children’s and adult’s non-fiction and fiction titles and we encourage parents to come to the library to choose books with their children and for themselves. Free public Internet is available. The public can access the Internet through the Library wireless connection. Our Library staff will happily assist.

The Library times as follows –



The School focuses heavily on school/home communications. The school uses the Schoolzine App (SZApp). This App allows families to access the Newsletters, reminders and information about up-coming events. Parents can use the App to communicate with the school about absences. It is an effective means of communication and items are available to parents on a permanent basis. Newsletters are published twice a Term in weeks 4 and 8 and electronically delivered via email and our SZ App. Just let the front office staff know if you would like to be added to the email list for correspondence. All notes, forms and permissions also go home regularly via the student.

CLICK to view - SCHOOLZINE APP Download Instructions


Assemblies are held regularly throughout the term. Dates and times are advertised in the Newsletter and via our Schoolzine App. Parents and Caregivers are most welcome to attend.

Parent Involvement / Volunteer Application

Education is much more than simply sending children to school every morning. The Department of Education (DfE) has information for parents and the community that will help them understand more about the education system, support services, and how they can be involved in their children's education.

Hawker Area School also encourages and embraces volunteers within the school, in any number of roles. If you are considering becoming a volunteer at Hawker Area School, please download and complete this form returning to the front office and a site leader will contact you when a volunteering opportunity arises.

Volunteer application form – confidential 2023

Volunteer agreement 2023

Education SA Volunteers - Getting started applying

Parent Feedback and Complaints

School or preschool complaints

Child Related Screening

Please contact our Business Manager for further details on clarification of the online screening process. The following link is information on how to start your application.


  Business Manager – Mrs Julieanne Ashenden

Screening SA

Kids Matter Resources

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Student Support Service - Headspace Referrals


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