Enrolment Information

Hawker Area School accepts enrolments for Foundation students through to Year 12 and new students that reside in the Flinders Ranges and surrounds.

Admission Policy & Enrolment Procedures

Parents are asked to accompany their children to the school when enrolling them so that necessary forms can be filled in immediately and parents are able to discuss the child's education at the school with the principal and teaching staff.

Once your child’s enrolment has been accepted you will be issued with an enrolment pack which will include the enrolment form, consent forms and medical forms needed to complete the enrolment. 

Children are not compelled to enrol until they are six years of age. If parents choose to enrol children between the ages of five and six then they are expected to attend school in a regular pattern.

Starting School

Since 2014, South Australia has had the same first day of school for all children. This is the first day of Term 1. This approach means that every child is guaranteed four terms of reception before they go on to the rest of their primary schooling.

If your child turns five before May 1st, they need to start school on the first day of Term 1 in that year. If your child turns five on or after May 1st, they will start school on the first day of Term 1 the following year. The minimum age for starting school is four years and eight months, in line with statewide changes introduced in 2014.

Transition Program

The school operates a transition policy for children starting school for the first time. This policy is aimed at making the transition to school as easy as possible.  

The transition programme runs in conjunction with the Hawker Childhood Services Centre.

Contact details for the Hawker Childhood Services Centre are set out below for those parents who need more information.  


Contact:                   Hawker Childhood Services Centre.                         

Phone:                     (08) 8648 4116

Email:                      dl.6622.leaders@schools.sa.edu.au                        

Street Address:      67 Chace View Terrace

What your Child/ren needs

  1. Broad brimmed hat (see SunSmart Policy)
  2. A library bag in which the child can take home library books
  3. Names on everything. This includes the lid and base of their lunch box, water bottle, school bags and all clothing especially hats, jumpers and jackets. Labelling is especially important on all clothing worn on swimming or PE days

HAS Sunsmart Policy

Finance Assistance - Travelling Allowance

Students who live 5km or more from the nearest government school or department-provided school bus route may be eligible for a student travel allowance payment.

Financial assistance can be in the form of:

  • public passenger transport grant
  • private bus fare allowance
  • car allowance.

The application for student travel allowance form ED226 must be completed by parents and signed by the principal (or principals, if car allowance sought for children attending separate schools) and then forwarded to the Transport Services unit.

Once approval is received, and the parent/caregiver has signed the ED228 document the school administration will submit the claim for payment for student travelling allowance form ED228 to the Transport Services unit once the claim has been authorised by the school principal.

Wirreanda Terrace
Hawker SA 5434

Phone: 08 8648 4003
Fax: 08 8648 4149