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September 24 Newsletter

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Last Day for Term 3

Just a reminder of our last day of school tomorrow, which will finish at the normal time of 3.10pm. The days lessons will run with the normal times, with a short assembly in lesson 6 where students will get to share some of their work. 

Parents are welcome to attend the assembly, with a short video on our eventful school year so far also to be shown. Our students will then have a day early for the holidays after a busy term where we have had two sports days, our Autism Awareness day, the School Open Night and our Year 3 to 7 camp to Mannum and Monarto last week. 

The day early comes with a Pupil Free Day on Friday where teaching staff will attend some Professional Learning in Port Augusta. 


Tomorrow students will be needing to wear their school uniforms and Order Envelopes need to be returned and presented on the day. Admin


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Please find attached FYI Sports Day Lunch Order Forms, with hot dogs, fruit salad and chicken / salad wraps available on the day. 

Forms DUE TODAY please complete and return by end of day to assist with organisation and catering. Thank you.

HAS Chicken Salad Wrap Order Form SPORTS DAY

Hot Dog and Fruit Salad Order Form SPORTS DAY

The Hawker Area School Sports Day on September 11th. Leigh Creek, Marree and SOTA have all been invited to participate in this event, so it should have a tremendous atmosphere about it. 

Kind Regards,

Autism Awareness Day at Hawker

Autism Awareness Day

Don’t forget our Autism Awareness day coming up on September 8th, to which our general community are invited to attend. This day was planned for earlier in our school year but could not run at the time due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we are very pleased to be able to be involved now.

At 11am I will be welcoming our attending parents and visitors to the day and inviting Auntie Pauline to do a welcome to country. Amanda Hilder, our Foundation to Year 2 teacher will explain our activities and there will be a special emphasis on the colour Bright Blue, which is the colour that represents Autism Awareness world wide. Everyone will be invited to participate in an activity involving this colour.

The days activities will run from 11am to 12.30, with our kids moving around to special activities, for which members of our community are most welcome to be involved. At the end of these activities students, parents and visitors will gather at our Library steps to conclude the day.

We look forward to welcoming all our visitors on Tuesday September 8th.

Open Night Visitor Requirements

Open Night Visitors

Don’t forget that we have our Open Night tomorrow night, starting at 5.30pm and going through to 7pm. Questions have been coming in about parent and visitor requirements on nights such as this, our Autism Awareness day next Tuesday and our Sports Day on Friday week. Simply put the answers to the main questions are:

  • Parents and visitors do not need to sign in on these days, you may just enter our school grounds for the purposes of the activity.
  • All visitors please remember to socially distance whilst in classrooms from other adults.
  • Ensure hygiene requirements are also addressed ie wash hands, use hand sanitiser.

Printed copies of our Open Night Schedule (which went out on Schoolzine yesterday) are also available from our Front Office.

We look forward to seeing our visitors tomorrow night at 5.30pm.

Open Night Schedule

Details below on our schedule for Open Night, this Thursday, from 5.30 - 7pm.

Open Night Schedule – September 3rd

Day starts at 12.00:

Home group 12 – 12.10pm

Lesson 1 - 12.10pm – 1.00

Lesson 2 – 1.00 – 1.50

Lunch 1.50 – 2.30

Lesson 3 – 2.30 – 3.10

Lesson 4 – 3.10 – 3.50

Recess – 3.50 – 4.10

Lesson 5 – 4.10 – 4.40

Lesson 6 – 4.40 – 5.10

Home group 5.10 – 5.20

Open Night Starts at 5.30pm

Scheduled Class Walkthroughs

5.30 – 5.50 – JP room - read with expression motivational activity will be demonstrated with participation by parents after. Book Creator presentation on iPads. Introduction of Maths Mats by Mrs Hilder. Counting up to ‘large numbers’, by combining ‘mini numbers’.

5.50 – 6.10 – Year 3-5 Room – student work displays on walls, students showing parents their work in books. Students made boardgames in health, which will be on the tables for people to play.

6.10 – 6.30 – Secondary Room - Macbeth display and ‘Spin the Insult’ game for students and parents, making connections between language of Macbeth and our modern context. Ideas of success from students for business & economics. Student work folders on desks.

6.30 – 6.50 – Science Lab – Year 3-5 PowerPoint presentations for parents. Year 6-8 Learning Presentations. Class resources and learning tools on display.

7.00 – Finish to evening.

Other Learning Areas:

Library – Art exhibition of art completed by F-9 students. Space to Dream – display of 3D printed objects completed by F-5 students for the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge; possibly have a model or two being printed throughout the evening. Stop Motion Animation – movies displayed on Interactive Screen of Stop Motion projects completed by 3-5 students.

LOTE and Performing Arts Room - students' work displayed on the tables. Junior Primary work about friendship which was related to Drama. Year 3-5 are studying the names of the human body while the Year 6-8 are starting a project on Indonesia. Activ Panel TV will have Indonesian language programs from class activities to view.

Technology Room – displays of student work as well as resources and tools used in the technology area.

Kitchen Garden – the kitchen and garden areas will be on display with bags of garden produce for parents.

Say Cheese - School Photo Day Tuesday 15 September

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

School Photo Day will be Tuesday 15th September.

Ordering envelopes will be sent home today via students.

Order Online @ msp Photography Online Orders

Do not misplace envelope as this has students special Shoot Key code.

Return Order Envelope to the Front Office once completed as these need to be presented on the day. 

Family Envelopes are available from the Front Office. 


Kind Regards,

Interruption to Power Supply

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

FYI below


Kind Regards,

Science Week Watermelon Challenge

On Friday our students took part in the National Science Week Watermelon challenge. The day involved students investigating the question How many rubber bands does it take to implode a watermelon?


Students  learnt about the variables, forces at work and the nature of mass collaboration in science in order to complete the experiment which involved wrapping their watermelons in rubber bands, which were tallied up as part of the data which is now being analysed. Each rubber band is basically identical and once on the watermelon applies an equivalent force which can be measured in newtons. Before the experiment, students made predictions on the outcome of the experiment based on scientific principles which centred on factors such as the force applied by the bands, size and weight of the watermelons, the potential strength of the watermelons and historic data from other experiments. 


The experiments began at 9am with preparation of the work areas, which were thankfully outside, organisation of materials which included counting off rubber bands into lots of 10, 20 etc in labelled cups to ensure effective data entry was possible. This was followed by the practicals, which were conducted by the Year 3-5 and 6-11 students (watched attentively by our F-2 students) and lasted a good couple of hours as rubber bands built up around our watermelons. 


The final results were spectacular and well worth the wait, as melons imploded and exploded into the air, caught on video to share with the community. Video results of our practicals can be found on our school Facebook page. Well done to our students and Mrs Szlezak. 


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