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For the people of South Australia's northern Flinders Ranges, Hawker Area School offers comprehensive education for students from Foundation to Year 12. The school is approximately 400km away from Adelaide. Our mission is to help students achieve the best possible outcomes in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Small classes enable us to closely monitor student progress and tailor the teaching program to suit students' individual learning styles. We have a particular focus on literacy, numeracy and science but also teach Indonesian and the Adnamatna language. The school also participates in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

In addition to this we have an Active Play program for children from birth to 8 years. The senior secondary curriculum is strengthened by the inclusion of Open Access subjects and School-Based Apprenticeships. The school's involvement in the Pichi Richi Trade Training Centre Consortium also provides additional scope for vocational education and training.

School History

Below is a short passage taken from the book – FOOTPRINTS IN THE DUST which is an historical account about the establishment of Hawker Area School and can be found at the Hawker Community Library. The publication was compiled to commemorate the Hawker School Centenary October 1983. The School centenary committee at this time 1983 was – Ron McInnis – Chairman, David Jones – Secretary, Udo Boettger, Alan Burt, Olive Bishoff, Marj Rowe, Kath Donnellan, Pat McCourt, Marlene McAuley, Josie Smith, and Joy Boettger.

In the beginning….

As early as 1880 there was a Provisional School in Hawker, however, it was not listed as such until 1881. Mr Charles Lakeman was the first teacher. In October 1881 a public meeting was held in Hawker to discuss several matters, and a deputation to wait on the Government was chosen. It was not until January 1883 that the Commissioner of Public works called tenders for the school in Hawker.


Notable Dates:

1883 – Hawker Public School was erected and opened in November.  63 Pupils enrolled.

1886 – The shelter shed was enclosed with galvanised iron.

1891 – Veranda’s were enclosed.

1893 – Building of additional classroom. Tuck Brothers Contractors.

1896 – Lengthening of classroom.

1900 – A new room is being added to the school for the teacher.

1927 – The stone building was erected.



1950 - 2 new portable rooms were erected; today they are called the Multipurpose Room and the Tech Studies Classroom.

1955 – The first school bus run was started by the late Ted and Pat Harrold.

1960 – The Science Laboratory was built.

1973 – The Administration and resource centre (Community Library today) was built.

1977 – One more addition the ‘White House’ was built and still called this to this day.

1979 – 156 Enrolments, Primary 111, Secondary 45.

1980 – 130 Enrolments.

1982 – Graham Benger visited the school and left the much awaited computer Apple II. The school has now got its own computer purchased for $1625.

1983 – Enrolment of 120.

Vision and Mission Statement

Hawker Area School provides a stimulating environment and informed expertise to educate, motivate and extend all Foundation to Year 12 students.  The school provides personalised interventions supporting all students to be the ‘best they can be’.  Hawker Area School listens to and acts on the valued contributions from students, staff and community to inform, design and refresh focuses as needed. The school insists its staff are up to date with current trainings and educational findings.

Art work created by Hawker Area School student Narelle McKenzie and Artist George Aldridge. 

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