Reports and Policies

The no-phone policy is the result of a commitment made by the state government in November 2022 and aligns South Australia with other national jurisdictions.

From term 1 of the 2023 school year, students are transitioning to keeping their mobile phones off while school is on. From term 3, all South Australian public high schools will have mobile phone bans in place but can approve exemptions for individual students on a case-by-case basis. 

All students are required to keep their personal devices off and away between the start and end of each school day and while they are attending authorised school activities off-site, such as camps and excursions. Students may only access their personal devices during these times if they have received an approved exemption from their school to use the device for a specific, agreed reason. Access refers to both physical access, including wearing any wearable technology that fits the definition of personal devices in this policy, and remote access, such as connecting other technology to the personal device’s hotspot or using headphones that are paired to the personal device. It is compulsory for all government schools to follow this department-wide policy. There are some special provisions for adult education and distance learning schools. 

More information can be found on the government website: Schools On, Phones Off 

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